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Five Year Strategy
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Business Continuity in London
  • The BCI London Forum is the largest chapter or "forum" within the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) and each year hosts and manages three seminars in London. It is run by a volunteer committee of BC practitioners.

  • Any professional involved in business continuity, disaster, crisis, resilience, risk, emergency or facilities management with operations in London would benefit from these opportunities to learn and network with like-minded individuals.

Mission of the BCI
  • To define the professional competencies expected of business continuity professionals

  • To provide an internationally recognised Certification scheme for the business continuity profession.

  • To provide a programme of Continuous Professional Development to enable members to maintain their professional competencies.

  • To initiate, develop, evaluate and communicate BCM thinking, standards and good practices

  • To influence policy makers, opinion formers and other stakeholders worldwide in BCM issues

Our Vision and Aims

The vision of the BCI London Forum is to:

  • Become the recognised leading authority on business continuity related issues within the London area by anticipating future business continuity trends and adapting its workshops and other networking events accordingly;

  • Run events that challenge current thinking, are relevant, informative and accessible to all of those with an interest in business continuity management.

Our aims are to:

  • Increase knowledge and awareness of business continuity management

  • Increase BCI membership by developing relationships at a ‘grass roots’ level

  • Increase BCI London Forum supporters

  • Run 3 well attended, high quality content, low cost events per year

  • Develop partnerships with organisations with similar objectives

Our strategy to fulfill that vision and complete these aims is here.